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Disposable sterile rubber surgical gloves (powder free)

Features: This product is made of imported high-quality natural rubber latex, which is refined through processes such as low-temperature pre sulfurization, soaking in a dry bath, and high-temperature water boiling. The curved pressure relief design of gloves conforms to human engineering mechanics and alleviates fatigue during operation. The surface is pitted and anti slip, which can effectively increase the friction between the hand and the instrument, making it very stable in grasping, gripping, and pinching. The surface of the gloves is coated to prevent damage to the human body caused by powder, effectively reducing the sensitivity of sensitive populations to latex. The gloves are sterilized by gamma ray radiation without residue, making them safer and more environmentally friendly to use. The product has undergone 100% manual inflation inspection to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

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Specification and model Product technical requirements package
6、6.5、7、7.5、8 HXZZ No.20152660114 1 pair/inner lining paper, 1 pair/paper plastic bag, 50 pairs/box, 8 boxes/box.

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