Shanghai Kebang Medical Latex Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing gloves for the medical industry. The main products include: disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves, disposable medical rubber inspection gloves (sterilized, non sterilized), disposable film (PE) sanitary gloves, etc. Our company adopts production equipment imported from Taiwan combined with advanced domestic process technology, with excellent equipment and advanced technology. We have a high standard purification workshop that meets the production standards of medical devices, and have passed ISO13485 medical device quality system certification and EU CE certification.

The company is committed to starting from the foundation and standardizing every aspect of the enterprise's work in accordance with the national sterile medical device production management regulations. It has established a complete set of quality management and control procedures, ensuring that the entire process of product procurement, production, and after-sales service are under control. All employees are well aware that medical devices are related to the physical health of millions of patients and healthcare workers, and we have always placed product quality at the forefront.

The company has successively obtained: Shanghai Famous Trademark; Shanghai Famous Brand Products; High tech enterprises; Top 100 Enterprises in China's Rubber Industry; Recommended brand products from China Rubber Industry; Chinese rubber advantageous brands; Famous and high-quality products in the Shanghai medical device industry; Popular Shanghai medical device products; Honors and titles such as "Little Giant of Science and Technology" in Minhang District, Shanghai.


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