Just now! The third batch of consumables released by China National Procurement Corporation (with interpretation attached)




After 10 months of artificial joint harvesting, the spine harvesting swept in. At this point, the war of centralized procurement has almost spread to the entire field of orthopedic consumables.
Chen Jinfu, Deputy Director of the National Medical Security Administration, has publicly mentioned that there is a high demand for orthopedic clinical products, but the standards are different, and the product composition is very complex. How to form a procurement product group according to clinical medical needs involves a high level of technical process. In the process of formulating the national spinal surgery plan, opinions from clinical experts and enterprises were also widely listened to.

From this announcement, it can be felt that the product classification and rules are quite systematic and detailed to ensure compliance with product quality requirements and clinical needs. Although the highest effective bidding price has not yet been announced, we can also gain some insights from previous policy guidance and centralized procurement experience.
On December 27, 2021, the selection results of high-value consumables for orthopedic implants in Anhui Province began to be implemented. Compared with the products successfully negotiated in 2019, the proposed winning price of centralized procurement has decreased by an average of about 59% on the basis of the previous round of negotiation transaction price.
Li Yu, Director of Anhui Provincial Medical Centralized Procurement Center, gave an example to introduce that a set of high-end clinical surgical thoracolumbar spine screw rods from a mainstream brand in China was selected in 2019 at a price of approximately 6380 yuan. After centralized and mass procurement, the proposed price for the selected set is approximately 2711 yuan, a decrease of approximately 57.5%; A set of cervical anterior fixation and fusion devices was selected in 2019, with a price of approximately 5215 yuan. After centralized procurement, it is planned to select one set with a price of approximately 2215 yuan, a decrease of approximately 57.5%. Compared with the category reference price, the average decrease of the selected product is 75%. After calculation, the annual savings are about 295 million yuan.

Chen Jinfu once stated that at the rule level, bidding rules are set for specific varieties and competitive patterns. Relax the competitive landscape, balance usage and supply, maintain a competitive rate appropriately, and achieve a reasonable return in prices. We do not pursue the lowest price and firmly oppose running bidding, making fair bidding more reasonable for enterprises.

After two years, the national procurement of orthopedic consumables ushered in the final battle, and this grand competition officially began.

Source: CyberBlue Instruments
Author: Dongtai Qin Liquor
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